Inspiring Sustainable Homes

Shawm is founded on the aspiration of realising a step change in the delivery of inspiring sustainable homes

Shawm is a new and exciting venture.  It is the product of an enormously successful collaboration between MawsonKerr architects and property developer Richard Pender, who in 2017 completed the multi-award winning Shawm House.  The word Shawm means 'to warm oneself' in old Northumbrian; it seemed an apt name for both the original house and now the company that follows it.  Shawm House combined the highest caliber of architectural design with the very best in sustainable construction techniques and material choices, and now Richard and MawsonKerr want to make the partnership that underlay their success available to the public.  The key to the realisation of high quality architectural detailing and high performing buildings at the domestic scale is consistency between design and delivery.  This is where the relationship between MawsonKerr and Richard was so key in the delivery of Shawm House, and where they believe they can offer self-builders and development partners a competitive advantage in the future.  Below are a series of images from Shawm’s first outing - the eponymous Shawm House.