Inspiring Sustainable Homes

Shawm is founded on the aspiration of realising a step change in the delivery of inspiring sustainable homes


Shawm means "to warm oneself" in old Northumbrian, a phrase which neatly encapsulates our philosophy.  We are a values driven company aiming to design and deliver buildings that not only provide warmth and comfort to the body, but to the soul too; buildings that are high performing but also architecturally uplifting.  Far too often buildings and their designers only achieve one or the other; to us they must go hand in hand.  Running like a spine through that philosophy is a quest for excellence and a striving for quality; we always want to be the best at what we do.



Sustainability is in part Shawm's reason for being.  Domestic energy usage accounts for a very significant portion of our national emissions, and we think collectively we should, and could, be doing a lot better than we are doing.  Our approach to sustainability is driven by first principles, and holistic in nature, meaning we take a whole project perspective and do not concentrate on just one metric.



Supporting our drive for better designed, better performing, better delivered buildings is a underlying enjoyment of the pursuit of excellence; we take enormous pride in trying to deliver the very best houses that we can.  That our first house delivered together was recognised with a national RIBA award hopefully demonstrates to all our commitment to excellence.



Our homes are our anchors.   They are fundamental to our enjoyment of our day to day lives.  At Shawm we believe in the power of architecture to enhance our lived experience; the intelligent management of space, light, and comfort, along with a considered approach to context and community has the ability to lift our individual and collective well-being.